Schematics for use on SimpleCraft

For details on how to install Litematica, please watch this video

Schematics for use on SimpleCraft

For details on how to install Litematica, please watch this video


Blaze Smelter    Download

Designed to make blaze rods easily fill a smelter as they have higher value when smelting items.

Cave Spider - Spider Farm    Download

This farm hosts a split amount of Spider and Cave Spider spawners to improve spawn rates overall. String is useful for redstone builds. This is an AFK farm and requires a 3x3 chunk space.

Drowned Farm    Download

A Drowned farm useful for collecting shells and tridents.

Enderman Farm    Download

This is a 36 spawner enderman drop farm. Space required is 3x3 chunks.

Phantom Farm    Download

Make sure to properly center the farm in the direct middle of four chunks.

Slime Farm    Download

It is recommended to extend the amount of chests that acquire to two rows of doubles. This farm houses a total of 16 slime spawners and should have the box centered between 4 chunks. This farm is meant for those who dont have many spawners of mixed type for complicated farms. This farm allows gathering of slime for slime blocks in use of redstone or to sell.

Wither Skeleton Farm    Download

A farm meant to easily have a place to slaughter wither skeletons for bones and skulls. Slightly taller than the base farm.

Zombie Piglin Farm    Download

Place this farm on the border of 4 chunks making sure the spawners are centered. The main use of this farm is gathering gold. (updated version is in the works)


Chicken Farm    Download

A simple chicken farm to gain cooked chicken and feathers.

Cow Farm    Download

Easily get leather and cooked beef!

Pig Farm    Download

Easy source of food!

Sheep Farm    Download

This is a 36 spawner sheep farm with four kill room areas. Space required is 3x3 chunks.

Vanilla Sheep Farm    Download

A some what smaller build for dyeable sheep to get those colors you wish for!


Basic Mob Farm    Download

This farm can be used for a variety of mobs. Easy to build even with low resources. Space required is 2x2 chunks.

Amethyst Bud Farm    Download

Keep in mind this was created for people with fly, however there is enough space to put ladders or scaffolding up for those without this perk. This farm is for the sole purpose of farming Amethyst crystals for tinted glass and devices.

Bamboo Farm    Download

This farm uses a lot of sticky pistons and slime blocks. It can be tedious to build so make sure to have some patience going into it.

Concrete Farm    Download

A super simple semi-auto concrete maker design. This is based on a server that doesn't allow TNT duping.

Egg Farm    Download

Very very very EASY farm. Only requires vanilla chicken eggs to fill. Remember to name your chickens so they don't vanish! This farm is recommended to new users of litematica to test and play around with.

Flower Farm    Download

A redstone bonemeal farm used in procuring 4 variations of dye. Red, Magenta, Pink & Yellow are the dyes this farm gives provided you find the plants it needs first.

Melon Pumpkin Farm    Download

An afk-able melon & pumpkin farm! Extendable and adjustable to size as long as you follow the given pattern. This is a different build than most typical melon & pumpkin farms as it uses way less pistons for more plants!

Money Farm    Download

Involves 36 spawners: 4 ravagers, 8 evokers, 12 iron golem, 12 slime.
Spawner limitations: 4 spawners, 16 blocks from player to spawn. Mobs spawn a total height of the mob above the spawner in all directions. Best format is tower when placing spawners. Will also work for servers that only use one spawner per chunk and so on as long as the distance from the player allows it.
Hopper limitations: 30 per chunk
Observer limitations: 30 per chunk
Sticky piston limitations: 30 per chunk
Plant limitations: 60 plants per plant type per chunk
Hopper Minecart limitations: 16 per 3x3 chunk area
Farm can be adjusted for better storage with some redstone knowledge. This farm was made with a public setting in mind. Depending on the server's entity limits you can add more ravagers to produce better results. If there is a longer pause entity distance the best course of action would be to adjust this farm to allow ravagers to have fall damage as long as saddles in the servers shop out-weigh totems. Rooms are created in such a way you can replace evokers with zombie pigmen or witches- possibly other mobs depending on the servers limitations and shop. When using this schematic make sure that the spawners fit into 9 chunks and it does not exceed 4 spawners per chunk.

Nether Wart Farm    Download

This farm is built with collection in mind but you still need to plant unless a tool that allows replant is provided. After building this farm you can either build a ladder system or a scaffolding to get up and down. Please note this farm is made to be built within 1 chunk.

Plant Farm    Download

This farm is a micro farm for gathering points on a server with stats. This boasts a singular plant that you cant swiftly hoe repeatedly by supplying the machine with bonemeal.

Potion Farm    Download

As stated this farm will automatically make potions! Provided you give it bottles of water. Make sure to fill this farm with all the necessary supplies before use.

Sugar Cane Farm    Download

Based on the design of the Single Chunk Bamboo Farm, this sugarcane farm allows the replacement of bamboo with sugarcane using a much larger piston system than the normal automatic sugarcane farm.