Frequently Asked Questions on SimpleCraft

Frequently Asked Questions on SimpleCraft

What is an alt (alternate) account?

• An alt account is an account that you own and are operating in addition to your main account. This could be a Bedrock or Java account.

Are alt accounts allowed on SimpleCraft?

• Short answer is no.
• Alt accounts can be used if someone else is playing on it other then yourself (which you may be asked to prove through a Voice Chat on discord).
• Alt accounts cannot be used to afk at farms, random chunks, or any other reason unless otherwise specified.
• Alt accounts may be allowed for training purposes or for various other reasons. As long as you have written consent from the owner!

When was the server created?

• July 6, 2023

When does the server/nether/overworld/end reset?

• To the best of our ability we will try to never have to reset the any of the worlds. Instead we will expand the world borders if needed.

When does the resource world reset?

• Every 30 days.

Can we add.... X.... to the server?

• Best thing you can do is make a suggestion in the Suggestions Channel on our discord.

How do I make money on the server?

• Spawner Farms and sell the mobs loot to players using playershops or by selling it to the admin shop.
• Build Plant farms to sell to players or to the admin shop.
• Take part in competitions such as the Fishing Competitions, PVE Arena, and soon the Farming Competitions.
• Currently Jobs are going to be revamped as well. Giving you another way to earn money!

What version of Minecraft can I use?

• You can use any version from 1.9 to the most recent version

What clients are allowed?

• Badlion
• Lunar
• Vanilla
• Optifine
• Fabric

Is Keep Inventory on?

• In the resourceworld, main world, nether, and end, Keep Inventory is not on.
• In the dungeons Keep Inventory is on.

Can I use Replay Mod

• Answer is no. And if you are caught using it, it will be treated as if you were using xray, or any other hack.

Can I use (insert mod name here)?

• Short answer is yes.
• BUT if it sets off the anti cheat or is found to give you an unfair advantage over other players you will be dealt with as if you are cheating.

Why can't I silk touch spawners?

• Level 30 and up for vote ranks can silk touch spawners.
• VIP+ and up can silk touch spawners for paid ranks.

What are the entity limits?

• See our page for entity limits.

I have died and lost all my items! Can I get them back?

• Unless it was a bug or a server related issue the answer is no.
• If the server was the cause of the issue please open a ticket on our discord and explain what happened. A staff member will try to replicate what occured and if they find a bug your items can be refunded to you.
• It's important to note that if you die 2 more times after the incident your items cannot be restored! So DO NOT DIE after experiencing the issue.

Can you add Dynmap?

• No. Dynmap is an extremely resource heavy plugin that would be very detrimental to the servers health.

Can I buy specific permissions instead of a whole rank from the webstore?

• Unfortunately, at this time we will not be allowing the ability to pick and choose permissions.

Can you look at my farm, it doesnt seem to be working, even though it meets the entity limits requirements!

• If you are using redstone, ensure it is within your claim as redstone will not work outside of your claimed areas.

What is the servers difficulty?

• Difficulty is set to Hard.

How big is the world border?

• 20k x 20k blocks.

Can I transfer my crate keys to another player?

• No you cannot. You can use your crate keys, then give the items you won to another player though.