Entity & Block Limits on SimpleCraft

Entity & Block Limits on SimpleCraft

Special Commands


Opens a gui for easy navigation of the server!


Opens the SimpleCraft Store GUI


Gives you a invite link to our discord


Gives you a link to our website's voting links


shows the item in your hand to chat

Claim Commands


/banfromclaim <user>

Ban someone from your claim

/unbanfromclaim <user>

Unban someone from your claim

/trust <user>

Trusts a user to build and access items in your claim

/untrust <user>

Untrusts user from your claim

/permissiontrust <user>

Allows user to give others /trust /containertrust /accesstrust in your claim

/containertrust <user>

Allows players to access all your chests, shulkerboxes, or other containers in your claim

/accesstrust <user>

Allows users to open doors, trapdoors, etc in your claims


Shows you who has perms in your claim


Deletes the claim you are standing in


Deletes all your claims


Gives you coordinates to all your claims


Gets out out of an area if you are trapped

Economy Commands



Opens the auction house

/ah sell

Opens the selling GUI

/ah sell <Buy it now price> <starting bid> <bid increments>

Sells the item in your hand

/sellall inventory

Sells everything in your inventory to the admin shop


Opens the admin shop

/bal or

Checks your balance

/bal <user> or
/balance <user>

Checks another users balance

/baltop or

Shows the rankings of every players balance



Search for heads using head data base!

/phead <username>

Gives you a players head

/sm toggle

Toggle the Tree Feller plugin


Opens the skills menu


Opens the GUI for all your homes

/sethome <name>

Allows you to set a home name

/home <name>

Teleports you to your named home


Takes you back to your last location


Takes you back to your death location


Opens a trash bin to permanently dispose of items


Opens a trash bin to permanently dispose of items


Teleports you to spawn


Ask to tp to someone's location


Ask someone to teleport to you


Deny the request for teleportation


Accept the request for teleportation

/warp <warp name>

Teleports you to the servers warps


Opens the warps GUI

/kit <kit name>

Gives you the corresponding kit


Opens the kit GUI


Hides your armor but you still keep the effects!


Locks a map to you and the image will not change

/unlock map

Unlocks a map so the image will change and others can copy it


Randomly teleports you

Rank Unlocks

Level 5

/nick - No colors

Change your name!


See who's near you!

Rank Unlocks

Level 10


Feed yourself

/workbench or

Opens the crafting table gui

Rank Unlocks

Level 15


Condenses all possible blocks in your inventory

/ec or /enderchest

Opens your enderchest GUI

Rank Unlocks

Level 20


Opens the Anvil GUI

Rank Unlocks

Level 25


With Colors!


Opens the Loom GUI


Opens the Smithing Table GUI

Rank Unlocks

Level 30


Opens the Stone Cutter GUI

Silk Touch Spawners!

You can now mine spawners and get them back as items by using any pickaxe enchanted with silk touch.

Rank Unlocks

Level 35

/ptime <Time of Day>

Allows you to change your personal time

/pweather <weather>

Allows you to change your personal weather


Opens the Grindstone GUI

Rank Unlocks

Level 40

/armorstand <near/last>

Opens the Armor Stand Basic Editor


Ride almost anything

Rank Unlocks

Level 45

Advanced Armor Stand Editor

Rank Unlocks

Level 50


Allows you to Fly